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A properly sealed duct system creates a more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer home environment.  Call on the professionals from Wittman Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to handle duct sealing quickly, effectively, and without damage to your essential systems.  We utilize state-of-the-art technology and specialized equipment to access the entirety of the system and ensure optimum results.  With convenient appointment times, quick turnaround, and conscientious cleanup, our team of fully licensed and insured professionals deliver a rewarding start-to-finish process.  Established in 1986, our proven track record for trusted solutions is built on a commitment to superior customer service across Northern Virginia & Surrounding Areas.

Improve Home Comfort with Duct Sealing Service

Is your house frequently dusty?  Are there drafts?  Hot or cold spots?  Does your HVAC system seem to run constantly?  Are you paying a fortune in energy bills?  You can probably blame your ductwork.  Your air ducts are responsible for the heated or cooled air that gets circulated around your home.  If there’s a leak or hole anywhere in the ductwork, it will allow conditioned air to escape, unconditioned outside air to enter, and create a long list of problems.  Wittman Mechanical Contractors, Inc. tests your ductwork system, detecting duct leaks and pressure imbalances.  We utilize the right tools, quality materials, and meticulous techniques to deliver sustainable improvement.  Contact Wittman Mechanical Contractors, Inc. at 703-662-5274 for professional duct sealing across Sterling, VA, Ashburn, VA, Potomac Falls, VA, Leesburg, VA, Reston, VA, Lansdowne, VA, Great Falls, VA, Broadlands, VA, Brambleton, VA, McLean, VA, Falls Church, VA, Arlington, VA & Fairfax, VA,.

Some of the benefits from duct sealing services from Wittman Mechanical Contractors, Inc. include:

  • Enhanced comfort – Properly sealing ducts helps to eliminate common comfort problems, such as rooms in the home that are too hot or too cold despite thermostat settings.
  • Healthier air quality – Dust, contaminants, fumes, and debris can enter your duct system through cracks and imperfections, and can then be introduced into breathing air, aggravating asthma and allergy problems.
  • Cleanliness – Pollutants that are drawn into the duct system, such as dust and pollen, are then circulated throughout the home.
  • Safety – Issues with ductwork may result in “backdrafting”, where combustion gases, such as carbon monoxide, are drawn back into the living space.
  • Cost savings – Improperly sealed ducts can diminish heating and cooling system efficiency by up to twenty percent.
  • HVAC longevity – A well-designed and sealed duct system reduces the workload on HVAC equipment, minimizing wear and tear and maximizing reliability and service life.
  • Environmentally responsible – Sealing ducts decreases the amount of energy required to maintain ideal temperatures in your home, reducing the amount of air pollution generated.

Duct Sealing